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Celebrating Homeownership Through Advocacy


National Homeownership Month, celebrated throughout the month of June, is a good time to reflect on our commitment to helping others realize the American dream of real property ownership as we work to protect and promote homeownership and property interest in real and tangible ways through the REALTOR® Party. 

REALTORS® do more than list and sell property.  We are community builders dedicated to improving our towns, cities, states and the country. We are advocates, advancing public policies and candidates who join us in building strong communities and promoting a vibrant business environment.   We do this because it’s good for the communities in which we live and work and for the economic and social well-being of all citizens. We do this as the REALTOR® Party.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate." The more you participate in the REALTOR® Party— by Voting, Acting and Investing— the stronger our collective voice.

We strongly encourage every member to get involved in their state and local REALTOR® Associations as well as your communities. Simple actions, like registering to vote, signing up for the REALTOR® Party Mobile Alert, responding to Calls for Action and investing in RPAC are easy steps to get you started.

Don’t forget to follow NAR on Facebook and Twitter and tag us in your posts (@RealtorAction) and use the hashtag #REALTORParty.  And visit the REALTOR® Action Center at to learn more about our programs, services and resources and read stories about REALTORS® in action across the country.