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Federal Mortage Refinance program HARP extended

The federal housing fianance agency elects to extend HARP ( Home Affordable Refinance Program) for another year. The program helps households refinance their mortage at a lower interest rate even with little or no equity in the house. Consumers who utilize this program save on average 2,400 a year by refinancing. Homeowners who are current on their mortage but who would benefit from more affordable loan terms go to to get started.

Borrowers who are underwater and behind on their mortage there is another program available a federal mortage modification program that reduces principal balances. Learn more at






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2017 Flood Insurance Rates

On April 1, 2017, National Flood Insurance Program rates are set to rise an average of 6 percent. This is less than the 2016 average andconsistent with the annual 5-10% increases prior to 2012 Biggert-Waters reforms.

Under 2014 Affordability amendments, individual property owners may see a rate increase up to 18% for newer properties and 25% for olderones. Rates for newly mapped properties begin at the lowest or preferred risk rate and gradually increase to full risk using a multiplier tablewhich is also updated as part of the April 1 changes.

Read FEMA'S summary 

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