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Warning! Giving the Lockbox Code to Clients Not Permitted

Attention: Broker/Manager (Please Share this Important Information with your Agents)

NKMLS has received an increased number of reports that members of the general public have been found inside of listed properties- unattended by their agent. Did You Know that the MLS has a strict policy prohibiting members of the public being given the lockbox code so they can view a property on their own. These unattended clients are trespassing and could be arrested if authorities are called.

NKMLS Rules and Regulations Section 2.11 Use of Keys and Lockboxes:

MLS Subscribers may not provide a key or keybox code to a consumer or unauthorized person or persons to enter a listed property. NKMLS highly recommends that members use the Service’s Electronic Keybox System. If the member chooses to use a combination keybox on MLS listings, please be advised that an appointment is still required and unauthorized use of the keybox is prohibited. a. Complaints of unauthorized use of all types of lockboxes will be handled in in the same manner as written in the NKMLS Electronic Key and Keybox Rules and Regulations, Section “Enforcement of Rules” ENFORCEMENT OF RULES. If a charge of unauthorized use is submitted in writing to NKMLS, staff will forward a copy of the complaint to the respondent. The respondent will be given a 15 day period to submit their response in writing. The NKMLS Directors shall give consideration to all written complaints having to do with violations of the Rules and Regulations. If the alleged offense is a violation of the Electronic KeyBox Rules and Regulations and does not involve a charge of alleged unethical conduct or request for arbitration, it may be administratively considered and determined by the NKMLS Directors of the Service, and if a violations is determined, the NKMLS Directors may direct the imposition of sanction as cited herein, provided the recipient(s) of such sanction may request a hearing before the Professional Standards Committee of NKAR in accordance with the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of NKAR within twenty (20) days following receipt of the NKMLS Directors’ decision.

The sanctions shall be:

• First offense: $250 • Second offense:$500 • Third offense: $2500 All other complaints of unethical conduct shall be referred by the NKMLS Directors to the NKAR Directors for appropriate action in accordance with the professional standards procedures established in the NKAR’s Bylaws.