REALTOR® PARTY Campaign Results

While it’s true that the 2016 election is over, don’t get too relaxed.  The REALTOR® Party never stops working!  

This year, the REALTOR® Party was involved in a record number of campaigns more than 400 state and local candidate elections and 458 congressional races.  In addition, we made our voices heard on local ballot issues ranging from transfer taxes to land use initiatives.  

We won 75% of the races we supported so far. On Nov. 8, we elected 34 REALTORS® to public office…and counting! 100% of REALTOR® Party Champions receiving President’s Circle support from REALTORS across the country won their races.

Unlike many special interest groups, the REALTOR® Party is there after the election.  Once our champions are elected and even if they aren’t we continue to work in our communities, our states and in the nation’s capital to make our voices heard. That’s because the REALTOR® Party is about so much more than politics. It’s about community involvement, smart growth, reaching out to diverse cultures and expanding both rental housing and homeownership opportunities across America.  

We need your involvement and participation to take our grassroots involvement to the next level and to raise our collective voice above the political noise surrounding us. We ask you to be revolutionary in fighting for our industry, for homeowners and for property investors. Whatever you did to support the REALTOR® Party this year, step it up a notch in 2017. 

Our results were impressive, and we hope you’ll check them out

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