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Tell Congress to Preserve the 1031 Like-kind Exchange!


Recent proposals to repeal or limit the 1031 like-kind exchange could devastate the commercial real estate sector and investment in communities across the United States. From affordable housing providers to small businesses to farmers, 1031 has been used by a range of Americans since its creation 100 years ago.

We need your help to educate lawmakers and their staff about 1031s. It is not a tax loophole for the wealthy; it is a tax tool that has brought immeasurable revenue, jobs, investment, and economic benefit to the U.S.

Please use the form below to tell NAR about how you used 1031 to bring development and economic benefit to your community. Your stories will help put a human face on a critical issue for commercial real estate.

Do you have a story about how the 1031 Like-kind Exchange has impacted you or your community?

Tell it here